Monday, 9 May 2011

hey all

sooo, thought I'd start a blog.I'm completely new to this whole thing, have infact managed to name my blog what I wanted to name my first post. : ) Hmm, so what do I talk about? do people want to hear what I've done or what I think? Both? k, well, I'll tell you what I did last night, or at least what I rememeber of it. Finished work at 3, found out a mate was at work with that latitude app thing (anyone else think that thing is kinda stalker/wierd?) and started drinking. Far too early considering I was supposed to be going out to a club for a co-workers leaving do, and I'd had no food and about 2 hours sleep. Gradually gathered the crew and got crunk. things get a little blurry from there on in, next thing I remember is being woken up by a bouncer in the toilets. Never did make it to that leaving do. Oh, and I've got the bar night out tonight. lol, similar stories tomorrow I'm guessing.

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  1. Hey you! welcome to this world of blogging. I can give you a tip to blog about one subject.